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2016-2017 Faculty/Staff List

Name Grade Email
Carriero Principal
Canonico Vice Principal
Andreanidis Vice Principal
Mr. Zaki  District Security
Gonzalez Secretary
Vanderpool Secretary
Caprio Nurse
Duran Pre K 3
Hamdeh Pre K 4
Moro Kindergarten - 1 Bilingual
Royster Kindergarten - 2
Allan Kindergarten - 3 Bilingual
D'Amelio Kindergarten-  4
Kosak Kindergarten - 5
Bagnaturo Grade 1-1
Llinas Grade 1-2
McGuire Grade 1-3
Basile Grade 1-4
Yacoub Grade 1-5
James Grade 2-1
Battagliese Grade 2-2
Campo Grade 2-3
Bernal Grade 2-4
Fantozzi Grade 3-1
Iuele Grade 3-2
Rose Grade 3-3
Terrana Grade 3-4
Davis Grade 4-1
Tomasini Grade 4-2
Varano Grade 4-3
Friedman Grade 4-4
Lobue Grade 5-1
Fodi Grade 5-2
Enyart Grade 5-3
Chichester Grade 5-4
Toor Grade 6-1
Delano Grade 6-2
Minadeo Grade 6-3
Simoneau Grade 6-4
Albanese Grade 7-1
Woodcock Grade 7-2
Phinn Grade 7-3
Abayhan Grade 7-4
Warlick Grade 8-1
Mickey Grade 8-2
Pearson Grade 8-3
Mustafa Grade 8-4
McShane Library
Wagoner Technology
Peralta Physical Education
Wilczynski Physical Education
Yates Physical Education
Rosenthal Life Management Skills
Aita Vocal Music
Berrone Music
Dailey Art
Lee World Language
Hammoudeh Bilingual
Zeidia Bilingual
Bayram Bilingual
Cangoz Bilingual
Ciocco Bilingual
Davila Bilingual
Obiedallah Bilingual
Salti Bilingual
Elabed ESL
Troll Grade 6-8 Language Arts
Miranda Grade 6-8 Science and Health
Nocella LLI
Browne Reading Rec.
Piroino Interdisplinary Teacher
Khaddash Resource Room
Paino Resource Room
Chapman Resource Room
Collazo Resource Room
Warburton Resource Room
Ferrero Resource Room
Hanna Resource Room
Majbour Resource Room
Alfano Guidance
Pohl SAC - Guidance
Bergen Child Study Team - LDTC
Banks Child Study Team - Psych
Rubin Child Study Team - Social Worker
Dworkis Speech
Maguie Kajajian Parent Resource Room


rules and expectations

4th grade Back to school packet 2015-2016

back to school.png

Welcome to 6th grade: rules and expectations

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.59.43 PM.png

6th grade Back to School

6th grade.png

Class Dojo PPT

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.46.08 PM.png

7th grade Parent Packet

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.32.33 PM.png